Christmas gift

That Christmas Eve was special for Lucy. Her boyfriend had invited her to have dinner with his family. It was something like an official presentation, and she’d been the whole day crazy. “What am I dressing tonight”, she’d been repeating herself over and over again.

Though her beauty made the task easier, she put even more effort with her make-up, for that of disguissing an inopportune blushes. And chose a classical fashioned style dress, according to the solemnity of the event.

— OMG Lucy! — Mike said when she saw her, while he looked at her astonished — Viewing the dessert, I don’t promise you to be so strong to avoid trying it the whole night.

— Hold your horses, guy! — She answered drawing a mischievous simile in her face whilst she offered him her cheek.

At eight PM they were entering into Mike’s home. The noise suddently stopped when the couple came in. And everyone surrounded them. Nobody wanted to lose that moment. Who was the pretty girlfriend of the youngest child of Smithsons’? As expected, an embarrasing moment for Lucy , that fortunately finished a few minutes later. Soon, she was in the middle of an animated party, enjoying the drinks and best wishes of the extended family of her boyfriend. Laughters and jokes made her forgetting the nerves. “It’s better than I imagined” — She tought quieter.

At the time to have dinner, the wine had already had effect in most of the guests — Lucy included — So that they all were having fun. But when she felt a naked foot touching her leg under the table, she suddently got frozen. Though Mike was winking an eye to her, she answered with a kick. But he insisted, and eventually she alsto took off her shoes and they were playing all the dinner. “Wow. Christmas Eve promises more than I expected” — She thought while she did pranks with Mike behind the rest of the guests.

With the apology of taking a picture with her, the boy stood behind Lucy, whispering in her ear: “I’m really anxious to try the dessert. On the floor avobe, there is a bathroom that we never use. When you’re ready, just leave a message in my jacket. I’ll be careful!”. To wich she answered with a complacent smile, while she told aloud to him “and I love you too, darling”. At the same time, she pinched him in his leg as a reprimand. And the party went on with the family. Music, songs, dances, games, laughter an dome other mischiefs of Mike. Everything made he felt more and more calm and confident.

So, full of self-confidence, she approached to the table. And with all the dissimulation she could, looked for her lipstick and wrote down the magic word in a napkin: “In the bathroom. Your naked dessert. Four knocks to call”.

She quickly wento to the rack, to hide the missive into Mike’s jacket. But right next to it was Mr. Anthony. Her boyfriend’s grandfather was like so many eldery people. An old man in need of talking and being listened too. And obviously, he was not going to miss the opportuninty of doing it with such a lovely girl… the star of that night. So Lucy had to restrain her temper and let the man spreaded himself, trying to follow the conversation, so not to foffend him. At least, she had achieved her goal. Although she should have to wait a while to offer the Christmas gift to her impatient boyfriend, who was looking at them amused. He knew his grandfather very  well, and knew the speech she would be bearing. “My grandpa can be like a pain in the neck” — he thought, waiting for the end of the conversation.

— Sorry to interrupt you Mr. Anthony — She said politely, cutting the tired monologue of the old man — but I need to to to the bathroom. Could you tell me where it is, please

— Sure daughter! An please, forgive this old man, who doesn´t notice when to stop talking. Go upstairs and then, at the corridor, the second floor on the right.

— Thank you very much. And please, don’t say that kind of things. You have made me to spend a very pleasant time.

The old man sat while she ran upstairs to find out the bathroom, and trusting that Mike had been attentive to the play.

Once inside, she quickly took off her clothes, touched up her make-up and performed herself a little bit more. Soon Mike would arrive, and she ought to give him his promised Christmas gift. She was anxious and excited as well.

Barely a couple of minutes later, four knocks announced the arrival of her “blue prince”. “Fine! he really desirees his dessert” — she thought as she looked herself in the mirror with her sensual and transparent underwear. Se has immediately taking the doorknob and opening the door wide open, while she laughed offering her exhuberant charms saying: “Here you have your Christmas gift!”

However, what she saw on the other side made her face change completely. There were not enough make-up to contain the torrent of blood that flooded towards her face, making it burning, whilst her legs seemed unable to hold her.

The grandfather, with a smile of satisfaction and his eyes about to leave their orbits contemplated that Divine Grace, shooking Lucy’s note with his left hand.When eventually she managed to close the door, Mr. Anthony continued his way to the room, still tasting that unexpected Christmas gift he was found in his jacket.

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